About us

A Granby native, Marc Breton has always demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit. From a young age, he had plans in his head and great ambitions.

Passionate, ambitious and creative, he founded Gestion Marc Breton in 2003. He was only 26 years old at the time.

The company is evolving rapidly and positioning itself as a leader in residential construction in Estrie. The high standards, construction quality, diversity of models and remarkable customer service have ensured that it has built a solid reputation. He always strives for excellence.

With this enviable reputation, it has managed to maintain its leading position and continues to innovate and always focuses on the quality of its constructions and the satisfaction of its customers.

Over the years, he has surrounded himself with a team of competent, dedicated and professional people. If Marc is the soul of the company, his employees are its heart.

He is slowly starting to plan for succession with the arrival of his two children within operations and the objective now is to ensure that the vision and values ​​of the company are passed on to the next generation.


We rigorously control every step, component and participant in the construction of your home, ensuring superior quality that exceeds industry standards. As such, the GCR (Residential Construction Guarantee) awarded us the AA rating, which represents the maximum rating awarded by the organization for all of our constructions.


The creations signed Gestion Marc Breton are intended to reflect a unique living space of well-being, functional and comfortable. We ensure comfort by taking into account the life cycle and the changing needs of current and future residents.


Since our beginnings, Gestion Marc Breton has created unique constructions adapted to our regional housing projects. Our timeless, durable and thoughtful designs reflect the art of designing harmonious living spaces. We establish ingenious links between refined aesthetics and utility.